What I Eat in a Day: Bananas 3 Ways!

I can never seem to plan these posts to actually fall on a Wednesday. What I ate Friday just doesn’t sound quite the same. Maybe I’ll call it Food That Went in My Face Friday. Yes? No? Too weird?

There’s a lot of banana going on in this video. Banana ice cream. Banana bread. Bananas straight up. Bananas in cereal. I would like to say this is a rare occurrence that just happened by chance, but honestly my days have been very banana centric lately. Bananas and dates, that’s pretty much what my winter fruit scene looks like.

And there is a disproportionate amount of time devoted to breakfast in this video, but that’s because this breakfast is crazy good. Its my current favorite meal, sometimes I have it twice a day. I already raved about it on Instagram, but it seriously tastes like a cookie dough blizzard! For reals. Even though the color is all wrong. Throw in some protein powder and some maca, and I call it a complete meal. Fruit, veggies, protein, all of the things!

Okay, I’m going to make my fingers stop typing now so you can actually watch the video…

If you want a couple of slices of that Maple Cornmeal Banana Bread in your day, recipe -> here

Have you tried rawnola + nice cream? I hope the answer is yes, if not you should!

Happy weekend <3


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