What I Eat in a Day (Smoothie Spree!)

I haven’t been feeling very motivated to make the usual recipe videos lately. It’s a lot of editing. It sometimes requires making the recipe multiple times, to get all the pictures and video. It means I can’t bake after dark (which comes so much earlier now!). And frankly I think you know how to make applesauce without a visual guide. I’d rather spend more time on the pictures and more time making new recipes.

But I still want to make videos, just simpler ones. That might mean more low key recipe style videos, but this week I filmed a little what i eat video and had some fun with the editing. It features a lot of snacking (because that’s just how I eat) and a lot of smoothies. I didn’t realize I loved smoothies till about a month ago, but since then I’ve been drinking A LOT of them! It’s getting a little out of hand. But they are so easy. And yummy. And digest super well (always a bonus!).

What I eat in a day…

I don’t usually post on a whim like this, writing the post just minutes before hitting publish. This feels a little weird to me. But good weird. Spontaneous weird. I need to be more spontaneous. 

Do you ever get a little smoothie obsessed and want to drink them for all your meals?



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