Raw Vegan Dirt Cups

I’m really reminiscing with today’s recipe.  I have such fond memories of stealing the gummy worms out of my sister’s dirt cup, sucking the chocolate off, and biting them in half.

This recipe is perfect to make for any children in your life, and your own inner child definitely counts.  Be childlike, take yourself lightly, and have fun with this one like I did.

These dirt cups are crawling with chocolate worms instead of the usual gummy variety.  I wanted to avoid all the gelatin and syrups and substances found in those fruit-flavored critters, so I just made a fudgy chocolate dough and created my own little worms.

The chocolate pudding is delicious on its own if you aren’t feeling very whimsical.  But there is something about a little dirt that makes everything more appetizing.

Raw Dirt Cups

4 servings


2 cups homemade raw almond milk

4-5 dates

1/4 cup cacao powder

2 TBSP agave nectar

6 TBSP chia seeds

  1. Add the milk, dates, cacao powder and agave to the blender and blend on high until smooth.
  2. Add the chia seeds and blend on low for just a few seconds to incorporate.
  3. Pour into a bowl and place in the fridge.
  4. After five minutes stir the pudding, then leave it in the fridge overnight.
  5. Return the entire mixture to the blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy


1/2 cup almond meal

1 TBSP cacao powder

1 TBSP agave nectar

  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix with a fork until it forms a dirt like consistency.


1/2 cup almond meal

8 dates

1 TBSP cacao powder

  1. Combine all ingredients to the food processor and process until it forms a ball.
  2. Roll the dough into worms are whatever little critters you want crawling around in your dirt.

Layer the dirt and pudding into cups, adorn with worms throughout, and dig in with a shovel (or spoon).

You may end up with leftover chocolate pudding, but I think you can take care of that 🙂

They’re escaping!


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