What I Eat In a Day

You know you eat too many a lot of bananas when you start just finding them randomly around your house. It was half a banana to be exact, just chilling on the floor. I don’t know how it got there. Somewhere between the case of bananas by the window and my peeling-freezing-bagging station in the kitchen  I must have dropped it. So many bananas I didn’t even notice. So many bananas that it wasn’t even missed. The main thing I’m wondering is what happened to the other half??

This case of bananas that I am currently eating my way through were on their way to the grocery store garbage because they were “too spotty” to sell. Too spotty? They were the baby dalmatian of bananas–just a few spots kinda sorta maybe starting to peek through. I really don’t understand what is so ugly about spotty bananas that they will just ruin the produce section aesthetic. Craziness.

But I’m happy to save the from their trash can fate! If only the ripe banana-haters could see those beautiful bananas now in all their creamy nicecream glory.

Banana rant over, onto the point of this post: a very nicecream-heavy what I eat in a day…

Featured in the video:
Vegan Cheese Broccoli Soup from Vegan Does It. This soup is amazing. I’m on my third batch in two weeks!
Oat Rawnola. The best easy healthy nicecream topping.
The gluten-free flatbread recipe still needs some tweaking, but hopefully coming soon!

Have you ever asked for the unwanted produce at your grocery store?


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